Salford Community Theatre Project

What next...?

27 August 2016


Wow. Love on the Dole is almost two months in the past. It was an overwhelming week for cast, production team and audiences. We couldn't be happier with how it went and want to thank all of the audiences for their great feedback and participation.

You can see some photos of the production by clicking any of the photos at the top of this post! Photos are all courtesy of Colin Armstrong Photography.

So, what happens now? We have dedicated community volunteers, we have lots of supporters and we have a passion to carry on the work we've begun. Love on the Dole was lead by a team of artists and arts professionals in the typical set up for a community play however Salford Community Theatre as a company will now be handed over to the volunteers and community members whom it is made up of. The company will be lead by Salford residents with guidance from the team who lead Love on the Dole with the view to it being completely cooperatively lead in the future. The artists can step back in for projects and shows or the company may wish to look for new artistic influences but the week to week running of Salford Community Theatre will be in the hands of Salfordians. Rightly so.

There will be a small committee of volunteers with specified roles to manage administration and relationships with a larger group of community members there to support, participate and develop more work under the SCT banner. 

There will be more information about how to be a part of this collective coming in the next few months as we're always keen to recruit people into our folds to continue making important, politically charged theatre.

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