“This is a very ambitious play that uses the local community and environment perfectly. It succeeds in everything it sets out to do, and it’s truly immersive. Relevant to today, close to the community and very much about Salford then and now, this play marks an incredible achievement for everyone involved.”

Quiet Man Dave, 2016

“What follows is a first-class interpretation of Walter Greenwood’s classic account of a community blighted by unemployment in the 1930s. Its themes of poverty, industrial life, family, class relationships and politics still resonate. The initial scenes make their impact as the audience intermingle with the cast and the action then moves towards the march organised by the National Unemployed Workers’ Movement and the subsequent clashes with the police. The infamous Battle of Bexley Square… has all the immediacy of a real-life march, complete with red flags, songs and slogans. Cars beep us in support.”

Morning Star, 2016

Photographs by Colin Armstrong.